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ReadiCheck User Guide

Thanks for choosing the ReadiCheck AED inspection system from Readiness Systems. This Guide describes how to set up and use ReadiCheck. If you need help along the way, please email us at [email protected].


Setting Things Up

Set Up AED Readiness Manager Software

Log into AED Readiness Manager (Manager) using the account credentials you received from your AED program administrator, distributor or Readiness Systems. Email [email protected] if you don’t have your login credentials.

Before you can begin inspecting AEDs, you must set up LocationsInspected AEDs and Users in Manager. Setup steps are highlighted below. For more detailed instructions, see the complete AED Readiness Manager User Guide.


Add/Manage Locations

After you log in to Manager, click the Locations tab on the main menu bar and confirm the Locations (Location Groups, Sites and Buildings) where you have inspected AEDs are listed. If not, add Locations using the Add Location GroupAdd Site and Add Building buttons (all three layers are required). Inspected AEDs are linked to Locations during the add inspected AED step.

  • Location Group: A general grouping of sites. Location groups can be defined as needed. For example, geographic region, state, city, school district, business or educational campus, division, business unit, and so on.
  • Site: An area within a Location Group with one or more buildings where you have AEDs.
  • Building: A building where you have AEDs.


Note: Specific placement locations, e.g., office, cafeteria, etc., are added on the Add Inspected AED screen.


Add/Manage Inspected AEDs

Under the AEDs tab dropdown, click Inspected AEDs and confirm AEDs to be inspected are listed. If not, click the Add Inspected AED button and complete the Add Inspected AED form for each AED.

Note: AEDs will not appear in the ReadiCheck mobile AED inspection app until they are first added in Manager.


Add New Inspected AED

On the Add Inspected AED page, you will:

  • Link the AED to the Location GroupsSite and Building you set up on the Locations page
  • Describe this AED’s placement location, e.g., office, cafeteria, warehouse, etc.
  • Select the AED Model
  • Add the AED Serial Number
  • Add battery/pad Expiration Dates (note: spare battery/pad expiration dates are optional)

The ReadiCheck ID field will be added automatically when you assign it to this AED by scanning a ReadiCheck ID sticker (QR code). More on this below.

Add/Manage Users

Click on the Users tab and confirm each administrator and AED inspector is a registered User. If not, click the Add User button and complete the Add User form for each User.

NOTE: Only Users added in Manager can use the ReadiCheck mobile app to inspect AEDs.

Add New User


On the Add User page, you will:

  • Add first name, last name, title, email address, password (this can be changed by the user later if needed), and mobile phone number (to enable text messaging)
  • Select the User’s time zone
  • Assign top level or site level permissions to the user
  • Select which message types the User will receive

REMEMBER: Only Users added in Manager can use the ReadiCheck mobile app to inspect AEDs.

Detailed instructions about how to add and manage users can be found in the AED Readiness Manager User Guide.

Registering ReadiCheck IDs and Inspecting AEDs

Download, Install and Login to the ReadiCheck App


Download, install and login to the ReadiCheck mobile AED inspection app available for download from the Android and Apple app stores:

Google Play Store: Get the ReadiCheck App for Android

Apple App Store: Get ReadiCheck for iOS

Download links can also be found on the Readiness Systems website.


Register ReadiCheck IDs

Get ReadiCheck ID stickers: A ReadiCheck ID must be assigned to every AED before it can be inspected. ReadiCheck ID stickers containing unique QR codes are provided by Readiness Systems as part of ReadiCheck ordering process. Email [email protected] if you don’t have ReadiCheck ID stickers.

Apply ReadiCheck ID sticker: Place any ReadiCheck ID sticker on the AED cabinet, AED case or on a surface near where the AED is stored. NOTE: To inspect an AED, the unique QR code found on each ReadiCheck ID sticker must be scanned using the ReadiCheck smartphone AED inspection app.


Pick Subscriber if Needed: If you inspect AEDs for more than one Subscriber, you will first need to select the applicable Subscriber from the dropdown. This will display a list of AEDs for this Subscriber that have not yet been assigned a ReadiCheck ID. If you inspect AEDs only for your organization, the dropdown will not appear, and you can skip this step.

Select AED: AEDs that have not yet been assigned a ReadiCheck ID appear on the list. AEDs with assigned ReadiCheck IDs are no longer listed. From the list, click “Register QR code” under the AED you are inspecting based on its location.

Assign ReadiCheck ID: Scan the ReadiCheck ID sticker you just placed.

Register ReadiCheck ID: On the popup box that appears, confirm you want to assign this ReadiCheck ID to this AED by clicking “REGISTER” – the Inspection Report form will then open. Complete the AED inspection as shown below under Inspect AEDs with ReadiCheck.

Inspect AEDs with ReadiCheck

Login to the ReadiCheck AED inspection app and click “Scan QR code” or “Scan QR” on the home screen. This will open the Inspection Report form for the AED you are inspecting.


Click Select AED Status.


Select ReadyNot Ready or AED Missing.


Confirm Battery Expiration and Pads Expiration dates are correct – update if needed.


Click Maintenance Actions plus sign.


Select one or more maintenance actions performed – then click OK.


Capture an image or short video of your AED’s status indicator. The AED make and model set up on the online AED Readiness Manager software determines whether ReadiCheck captures an image (for AEDs with a static LCD status indicator) or video (for AEDs with a blinking LED status indicator).

Click the Capture Image  icon or the Capture Video icon . Only one will appear based on your AED.


Center the AED’s status indicator in the circle – as close as you can get – and tap the camera icon to capture an AED’s static LCD static indicator or the video icon to capture an 8-second video of an AED’s blinking LED status indicator. Hold the camera steady until the 8-sectond countdown timer completes and the video appears on your phone screen. Note: You are taking a picture or video on just the AED’s status indicator, not the AED itself.


Confirm the image or video properly captures the AED’s status indicator – if so, click the checkmark to save; if not, click the redo icon to take a new image or video


Add any Notes (notes are optional) and then click Submit.


Success message will appear indicating the inspection is complete and the Inspection Report was submitted – note: submission of videos may take up to 1-2 minutes to complete; this will happen in the background


Need help? Email [email protected] for support.

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