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The AED Law Center is the essential, authoritative and complete online resource for organizations that want to learn about and understand AED laws that exist nationwide. Get all the state-by-state details in one place. Relied upon by AED programs, industry partners, policymakers and legal professionals nationwide as the most trusted source of AED law information.
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Plain language summaries and profiles that explain the AED program requirements, Good Samaritan immunity protections and AED placement mandates in each state.

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Understanding and complying with AED laws is neither simple nor straightforward. Even if you search online, you need to read through hundreds of irrelevant and unreliable results to locate information applicable to your organization. The AED Law Center gives you instant access to the most trusted AED law knowledgebase and removes confusion about your legal obligations. The AED Law Center can help you:
Develop legally sound AED policies and procedures and meet applicable state requirements
Know what Good Samaritan legal protections apply in your states
Get the information needed to mount an effective legal defense
Get AED law email updates when laws are added or changed
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