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Readiness Systems is your AED program compliance expert.

  • We developed and offer AED Sentinel®, the first remote AED monitoring system built for every AED program.
  • We developed and publish national AED Program Design Guidelines™ that define industry standards for public access AED programs.
  • We publish the AED Law Center™ – the most complete, accurate and reliable collection of state AED laws and regulations available that define how to own, place and use AEDs placed in public settings.
  • We design and document complete AED programs and make sure you have policies in place that properly organize your people, systems, equipment and activities.
  • We help you accurately understand the AED program rules (industry standards + AED laws) so you can properly follow the rules.

Our services and knowledge resources give you the tools you need to: Be prepared for sudden cardiac arrests in your organization, perform responsibly during sudden cardiac arrest emergencies, and defend yourself in court is something goes wrong and you get sued.

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Your organization has AEDs.

Great. Now what?

You’re committed to being prepared for sudden cardiac arrests at your locations.

So then, do you ask yourself

  • How many AEDs should we have for our locations?
  • Where should AEDs be placed in our buildings?
  • How will people quickly find an AED during a medical emergency?
  • Who on our staff needs to be trained and who will manage our AEDs?
  • Are we properly inspecting and maintaining our AEDs?
  • Do we need medical direction and where will we get it?

You might also be wondering . . .

Are there legal requirements for having and using our AEDs:

  • Are there any standards and laws we must follow?
  • Can we get sued in court if something goes wrong?
  • How can we show we are compliant with standards and laws?

All great questions. We get them all the time.

Readiness Systems can help.

But first, let’s get clear on some things . . . 

What is an AED program?

It’s a set of policies that prepare your organization to help a person who is having a cardiac arrest.

These policies help organize the people, systems, equipment and activities of an AED program. 

Why do you need an AED program?

It’s simple. To:
  • Help save someone’s life if they have a cardiac arrest
  • Ensure your people perform responsibly when cardiac arrest happens
  • Reduce the risk of getting sued if something goes wrong

What’s required for your AED program?

Your AED program must meet industry standards and AED laws. This includes:
  • Having a complete, well designed and properly managed AED program
  • Showing you are prepared to save lives of cardiac arrest victims
  • Proving you are compliant with industry standards and AED laws
  • Defining who can get and use AEDs for a cardiac arrest victim
  • Keeping AED devices properly maintained and ready 
  • Having the right people in the right roles and with the right training

Setting up, operating and maintaining an AED program is complex.

Don’t go at it alone. There’s too much at stake.

Readiness Systems is your AED program expert

We’ll help you be ready, get compliant and reduce risk for your AED program

We’ll work with you to:

  • Create and set up your automated external defibrillator program
  • Ensure the right people, systems, equipment and policies are in place
  • Become compliant with industry standards and AED laws

Readiness Systems understands this better than anyone in the industry.  Heck . . .

We wrote National AED Program Design Guidelines defining industry standards

Readiness Systems has the knowledge, experience and skills to be your trusted AED program adviser.

Contact us today – we’ll help you responsibly place and use your AEDs

The AED Program Design

Readiness Systems will design your complete AED program. We’ll collaborate with you to define and document all AED program components. 

After completing your design you will know:

  • Roles and assignments for your AED program staff
  • Acceptable AED response times for how fast to get and use an AED
  • How many AEDs you should have for your locations
  • Where you should place each AED
  • How to properly store each AED 
  • Where AEDs should and should not be located
  • Any phased approach for growing your AED program over time

You’ll also learn:

  • Who can GET an AED during an emergency
  • Who can USE an AED during an emergency
  • How to educate your staff and others about your AED program
  • How to properly inspect and maintain your AEDs
  • Why, when and how to notify outside agencies about your AED program
  • Where to place signs to help people quickly find an AED in an emergency
  • What training policies to have for your staff to use AEDs
  • If you need medical direction to stay legal and compliant 

The result of this design is your complete and customized AED Program Operations Manual™. 

You want to be ready to help cardiac arrest victims. You want to follow industry standards and laws. And you want avoid getting sued and paying money if something goes wrong. This is . . .

What. We. Do. 

Trusted by Clients and Partners Nationwide

AED Program Packages

As you can see from our AED Program Design, there’s plenty to consider, plan and do for any AED program.

Readiness Systems will help you create the most comprehensive AED program available.

Complete AED Program Package

What we’ll do:

  • Meet online with your team to…
  • Understand the needs of your AED program
  • Design your AED program, collaboratively and interactively
  • Evaluate your current AED program to recommend any improvements

What you’ll get:

  • An AED Program Operations Manual, custom-designed for your organization
  • One-year subscription to the AED Law Center for an unlimited number of organizational users
  • Up to three hours of consulting with Richard A. Lazar, founder and president of Readiness Systems. Richard wrote the National AED Program Design Guidelines.

Design and Documentation Package

What we’ll do:

  • Understand the needs of your AED program
  • Design your AED program, collaboratively and interactively

What you’ll get:

  • An AED Program Operations Manual, custom-designed for your organization
  • One-year subscription to the AED Law Center for one organizational user

Contact us today to choose the right AED Program Package for you

Got Questions?

Contact us for free, unbiased advice, up to 30 minutes from Richard Lazar. Richard is founder and president of Readiness Systems.

Are you a lawyer?

Want to better understand any AED program topic? Need an expert for any AED matter? Contact us about our legal support and expert witness services.


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