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Readiness Systems offers services and resources that enable and support the placement and use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in workplace and community settings to treat those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). AED programs are established to do two very important things in those rare instances when SCA strikes: Use volunteer bystanders to start cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and get functioning AEDs to the people who need them.

Readiness Systems helps organizations create policies and practices that ready them for SCA emergencies, guide what actions should be taken if SCA is encountered and help manage the legal risks that come with owning AEDs. And we help AED programs keep equipment ready for use, comply with AED laws and know how to responsibly meet AED program best practices.

Here are some of the ways we can work with your organization.

AED Program Readiness

  • Customized AED Program Policies

Equipment Readiness

  • AED Sentinel Remote AED Monitoring Services
  • AED Battery & Pad Replacement Services

Regulatory Readiness

  • AED Program Compliance Services

Knowledge Readiness

  • AED Law Center 
  • Compliance Information Resources 
  • Expert Consulting Services

Custom Policies

Comprehensive written policies establish the foundation for how AED programs are set up, managed and operated. In contrast, the absence of complete written policies can increase the risk of bad outcomes and the consequences that can follow. Every AED program is unique with different environments, people, resources and needs. An organization’s AED program policies can reflect these differences and improve the chances of program success.

Readiness Systems, the nation’s leading AED program compliance expert, offers the only truly comprehensive AED program creation and policy development services. We will help you design and document your complete AED program 

Your policies will achieve three key goals:

  • Preparation: They will show how you are reasonably prepared for SCA emergencies
  • Performance: They will show how you will perform responsibly when SCA occurs
  • Protection: They will put policies and practices in place that lower your liability risks and can help defend lawsuits

And your policies will address all AED program building blocks.

Remote AED Monitoring Services

When your AEDs are needed, you need them to be ready. But, because of human inspection lapses, more than 1 in 5 AEDs may not be ready for use leading to avoidable deaths and lawsuits. That’s why Readiness Systems developed AED Sentinel, the first remote AED monitoring system built for every AED program. AED Sentinel uses technology to automatically inspect AEDs so humans don’t have to.

With AED Sentinel you get digitally verified AED inspections that:


Safeguard your AEDs


Keep your staff focused on high value contributions


Lower your AED program risk

Readiness Systems also offers on-site AED battery and pad replacement services. Contact us to learn more about how these services can support your AED program readiness initiatives.

AED Law Center

AED laws exist in every state but vary widely by jurisdiction. Following AED laws may help preserve Good Samaritan legal protections in some jurisdictions and can help a legal defense in the unlikely event of a lawsuit. 

The AED Law Center™ is a comprehensive online information resource that helps you learn the AED laws for any state, understand the AED laws in plain English and stay informed about pending AED legislation nationwide.

AED Law Center subscriptions include:


AED Laws

Full versions of AED laws (statutes and regulations) for every state. 


AED Law Profiles

Clear, authoritative analysis and explanations of laws for every state. In plain English.


AED Legislation Tracking

Legislation and regulation tracking system watching for changes to each state’s AED laws. 

Regulatory Compliance Services

The Challenge

Lots of Different Rules: Rules governing the placement and use of AEDs exist in every state. But each state imposes differing sets of requirements on AED programs.

The Rules are Hard to Understand: Knowing how to be compliant in each state is a big challenge because rules are complicated, poorly written, sometimes changing, lack a clear purpose, and no agency is in charge to provide guidance.

Compliance with the Rules is Important: Addressing the rules and properly documenting compliance is important to preserve Good Samaritan legal protections in some states and to help support a lawsuit defense in every state.

How Readiness Systems Helps

Readiness Systems handles these challenges with a full range of AED program regulatory compliance services:

Requirements Tracking

We monitor, track and analyze AED law requirements for every state.


We provide an FDA compliant and policy-backed AED prescription, valid nationally for every AED.

Compliance Documentation

We prepare and submit required compliance documentation for each state where required.

Medical Direction

We provide physician medical direction services in each state where required.

Compliance Support

We address compliance questions and actions before agencies and courts if needed.

AED Program Policies

We develop custom-crafted AED program policies that follow the AED Program Best Practices Guide.

Why Choose Readiness Systems

Readiness Systems is the nation’s leading AED program compliance expert. We developed and publish the AED Program Best Practices Guide, national AED Program Design Guidelines and the AED Law Center. We understand the rules better than anyone.

Our regulatory compliance services are available to AED programs and to AED program management companies looking to outsource these complex services.

Compliance Resources

Readiness Systems publishes a variety of compliance resources to support AED program preparation, performance and protection. Publications include the AED Program Best Practices Guide, national AED Program Design Guidelines, and the AED Law Center. These trusted resources are relied on by AED owners, industry partners, policymakers and lawyers nationwide. Click the Compliance Resources menu link above to find these resources.

AED Program Best Practices Guide – Get it Free

Readiness Systems publishes the AED Program Best Practices Guide. This essential compliance resource offers context and recommended policies and practices for each of the AED program building blocks, including those guided by industry standards and AED laws. The Guide provides all the information you need to develop complete and compliant AED program policies that best match the needs and resources of your organization. Download your free copy today.

Other Services

For Industry Partners

AED Sentinel distribution
AED Law Center licensing
AED program compliance services
Business strategy and operations consulting

For Lawyers

Client AED program support
Standard of care assessment
Legal case evaluation
Expert witness services

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