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Readiness Systems is the nation’s leading AED program compliance expert. We create custom-crafted AED program policies, remotely monitor AEDs, provide AED law and public policy resources and publish industry standards.

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Organizations with automated external defibrillators (AEDs) must follow industry standards and AED laws. Those that do will be reasonably prepared for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergencies (preparation) and perform responsibly when SCA occurs (performance). Organizations with a complete AED program design and supporting written policies will be best protected from liability risks (protection).

Readiness Systems offers a suite of AED program compliance services, tools and resources to help your organization meet these requirements.


AED Program Design, Policy Development & Audits


AED Sentinel Remote Monitoring

AED Law Center + Public Policy Resources


Compliance Information Resources

Industry Partner and Legal Support

These offerings translate the complexities of industry standards and AED laws into policies and operational systems that help clients achieve the goals of AED program preparation, performance and protection. The result … risk managed AED programs that are ready to save lives.

Industry Standards and AED Laws Explained

Industry standards: Industry standards reflect common sense community expectations that guide how AED programs should be set up, managed and operated. Organizations that develop and follow common sense policies and practices, tailored to their unique situations, accomplish four important things: 1) Responsibly meeting industry standards; 2) being best prepared for SCA emergencies; 3) lowering the risk of bad outcomes; and 4) improving their ability to defend themselves in court if they get sued.

AED laws: AED laws vary widely by jurisdiction and generally do one or more of three things: 1) Tell organizations what they must do to administer and operate an AED program; 2) define what if any legal protections may be available to the organizations and people involved in AED programs (so-called Good Samaritan immunity); and 3) identify the types of organizations that must have AEDs. Fulfilling AED law requirements may help preserve Good Samaritan legal protections in some jurisdictions and may help a legal defense in the unlikely event of a lawsuit. Just meeting these legal obligations, however, will not help organizations responsibly prepare for or perform well during SCA events.

AED Program Design, Custom-Crafted Policies and Audit Services

Every AED program is unique with different environments, people, resources and needs. And most AED programs operate on an ad hoc basis meaning they haven’t considered all AED program building blocks and lack effective written policies. This creates a risk of preparation, performance and protection gaps and the consequences that can follow.

Readiness Systems is the only AED program compliance consultancy offering truly comprehensive AED program creation and policy development services. We’ll design and document your complete AED program using the following structured process.

  • First, we’ll meet online with your team to collaboratively and interactively understand the needs of your AED program, explain each AED program element and guide you to informed program design decisions;
  • Then, we’ll create custom-crafted policies specifically for your organization.

Your policies will address all AED program building blocks, including those guided by industry standards and AED laws.

AED Program Building Blocks Guided by Industry Standards

Policies and operational systems addressing these building blocks directly support AED program preparation, performance and protection.

AED Program Personnel
SCA Response Team
AED Response Time
(not 3 minutes)
Phased/Partial AED Deployment
AED Response Areas
AED Program Communications
AED Placement Locations
AED Program Training
AED Storage, Access & Use
AED Inspection & Maintenance

AED Program Building Blocks Guided by AED Laws

Policies and operational systems addressing AED law requirements are important to preserve AED program legal protections in certain jurisdictions. AED law compliance generally has little impact on AED program preparation or performance.

Medical Direction
Agency Notifications and Registrations
AED-User Requirements
Post-SCA Event Notifications
Other Jurisdiction Requirements

AED Program Audits

Properly setting up and running an enterprise-wide, multi-state or multi-national AED program is complicated. For existing AED programs, ensuring you have the right design, policies, people, equipment, documentation and systems in place is essential to ensure you are meeting preparation, performance and protection goals.

Only Readiness Systems offers trusted, informed and comprehensive AED program audit services. We provide an objective review and analysis of your AED program design, operations, personnel, asset tracking, written policies, AED law compliance status and risk management framework so you can feel confident in your program.

Remote AED Monitoring Services

When your AEDs are needed, you need them to be ready. But, because of human inspection lapses, more than 1 in 5 AEDs may not be ready for use leading to avoidable deaths and lawsuits. That’s why Readiness Systems developed AED Sentinel, the first remote AED monitoring system built for every AED program. AED Sentinel uses technology to automatically inspect AEDs so humans don’t have to.

With AED Sentinel you get digitally verified AED inspections that:


Safeguard your AEDs


Keep your staff focused on high value contributions


Lower your AED program risk

AED Law Center

AED laws exist in every state but vary widely by jurisdiction. Following AED laws may help preserve Good Samaritan legal protections in some jurisdictions and can help a legal defense in the unlikely event of a lawsuit. 

The AED Law Center™ is a comprehensive online information resource that helps you learn the AED laws for any state, understand the AED laws in plain English and stay informed about pending AED legislation nationwide.

AED Law Center subscriptions include:


AED Laws

Full versions of AED laws (statutes and regulations) for every state. 


AED Law Profiles

Clear, authoritative analysis and explanations of laws for every state. In plain English.


AED Legislation Tracking

Legislation and regulation tracking system watching for changes to each state’s AED laws. 

Compliance Resources

Readiness Systems publishes a variety of compliance resources to support AED program preparation, performance and protection. Publications include national AED Program Design Guidelines, a special report explaining industry standards and AED laws plus many others. These trusted resources are relied on by AED owners, industry partners, policymakers and lawyers nationwide.

AED Program Best Practices Guide – Get it Free

Readiness Systems publishes the AED Program Best Practices Guide. This essential compliance resource offers context and recommended policies and practices for each of the AED program building blocks, including those guided by industry standards and AED laws. The Guide provides all the information you need to develop complete and compliant AED program policies that best match the needs and resources of your organization. Download your free copy today.

AED Program Design Guidelines – Get Them Free

Industry standards are generally accepted practices based on common sense rules that guide how AED programs should be set up and operated. The national AED Program Design Guidelines define a comprehensive industry standards framework for workplace and community AED programs. The Guidelines describe what you need to know to responsibly design, maintain and operate your AED program. Download your free copy today.

More Compliance Resources

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