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Readiness Systems provides technologies, services and resources that help organizations meet the rigorous demands of automated external defibrillator (AED) program readiness and compliance, and lower the legal risks of AED ownership and sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) response.
  • AED Readiness: Keep your AEDs ready to respond with the AED Sentinel remote AED monitoring system or the ReadiCheck smartphone-based AED inspection system
  • AED Program Readiness: Ensure you have an AED program that delivers with the most complete and compliant AED program policies in the industry
  • AED Law Compliance: Subscribe to the AED Law Center to self-manage AED law compliance, or have us develop an AED program compliance plan and fulfill AED law compliance requirements on your behalf
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Sudden Cardiac Arrest Can Turn Any Moment Into an Emergency

Without the right policies and procedures in place for having AEDs and responding to SCA emergencies, you not only risk lives, but you also risk legal liability. We offer the most complete AED program readiness and compliance support for organizations across the nation.

The Public Health Threat of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Nearly 400,000 people experience sudden cardiac arrest outside of hospitals in the United States every year.
Approximately 120,000 of these events (roughly 30%) happen in workplace and community settings outside of the home.
Only 6-8 percent of these SCA victims survive, in part because there are too few AEDs and too few people willing to help with CPR and AED use.

Essential AED Program Services

Stay Ready to Respond

AED Readiness

AEDs must be properly inspected and maintained to ensure they are ready for use in the event of an SCA emergency. Readiness Systems upgrades your program with AED inspection technologies that offer superior efficiency and reliability. Use our AED inspection system to keep your AEDs ready to save a life and protect your organization from legal liability.
Prepare. Perform. Protect.

Program Readiness

Every AED program is different. Because every organization is different. AED ownership comes with the responsibility to have policies and procedures in place that ready you for SCA emergencies, guide what actions should be taken if SCA is encountered and help you manage legal risks. As the nation's leading AED program compliance expert, we know how complex this can be. We create accessible, affordable and comprehensive policies for organizations of every size, so you have an AED program that delivers.
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Compliance Starts Here.

Program Compliance

Readiness Systems is the nation’s leading provider of AED program advisory and regulatory compliance services and information. We offer expert advice, insights, and assistance on complex compliance issues. We develop state-specific AED program compliance plans and can fulfill compliance requirements on your behalf. Or, use our information resources to self-manage compliance.
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AED Law Center

AED laws exist in every state and they are different in every state. For AED programs, understanding and complying with AED laws can be a challenge. The solution? The AED Law Center. Get instant access to the most trusted AED law knowledgebase and remove confusion about your legal obligations. All in one place.

AED program compliance is complex.
But failing to comply can be costly.

We deliver the technologies, services and resources you need to make your AED program a success.
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Knowledge Resources

Learn about readiness and compliance from the most informed knowledges resources and publications that support AED program preparation, performance and protection.

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