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AED Compliance Services

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At Readiness Systems, we provide comprehensive services to help ensure your organization is fully prepared for sudden cardiac arrest emergencies and compliant with AED program requirements. By utilizing our services, you can also minimize the legal risks that come with having an AED program.

AED Inspections Made Easy

Keep your AEDs ready with AED Sentinel remote monitoring or ReadiCheck smartphone-based AED inspections.
AED Sentinel and ReadiCheck AED inspection solutions from Readiness Systems can help you:

Ensure AED Inspections Get Done

AED Sentinel and ReadiCheck make it quick and easy to complete routine and digitally documented AED inspections.

Garner Peace of Mind and Reduce Compliance Risk

Move past time-consuming, manual and paper-based processes by using technology-based inspections for efficient, accurate, and digitally verifiable AED compliance.

Get Reliable Inspections, No Matter the Scale

Whether you have a single, a few, or a large fleet of AEDs spread throughout your organization, Readiness Systems’ AED inspection solutions give you access to current AED status data on-demand.

Meet AED Program Best Practices

Ensure compliance with industry standards and AED laws by using digital solutions to keep your AEDs ready. Avoid being out of compliance which risks lives and lawsuits.

Which AED Inspection Solution Is Best For
Your Organization?

AED Sentinel

> Camera-based, hands-free automated inspections

Use smart monitoring cameras instead of people to dependably inspect your AEDs. This patented and easy to use 24/7 monitoring system automatically watches your AEDs and notifies you when maintenance is required, or an AED is accessed.


> Smartphone-based, fast and easy AED inspections

Make your field inspection team speedy and efficient with the ReadiCheck AED inspection app. Quickly, easily, reliably, and cost-effectively inspect your AEDs and document compliance using smartphones and web-based inspection management software.

AED Compliance Services ReadiCheck

AED Program Compliance Done Right

AED Inspection Solutions

Regulatory Compliance Services

Readiness Systems is recognized as the foremost provider of advisory and regulatory compliance services and information for AED programs. We provide expert guidance, valuable insights, and support for complicated compliance matters. We develop customized compliance plans for each state and can handle all compliance requirements on your behalf. Alternatively, you can utilize our information resources to manage compliance independently.

Essential AED Law Information

AED Law Center

AED laws exist in every state and they are different in every state. For AED programs, understanding and complying with AED laws can be a challenge. The solution? The AED Law Center. Get instant access to the most trusted AED law knowledgebase and remove confusion about your compliance obligations. All in one place.

Curious about your state's AED laws? See a snapshot now: State AED Law Profiles At-a-Glance

Knowledge Resources

Learn about AED program readiness and compliance from the most informed knowledge resources and publications that support AED program preparation, performance and protection.

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