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 AED Inspections Made Easy!

AED readiness is essential. With the ReadiCheck AED inspection system, you can be sure your AEDs are ready. The ReadiCheck app makes it quick and easy for field inspectors to reliably complete routine inspections in seconds. And AED inspection data is instantly uploaded to your secure, user friendly online AED Readiness Manager fleet management dashboard.
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Keep Your Response System Ready

As a responsible AED owner, you are required by industry standards and some state laws to conduct routine inspections of your devices to ensure they are ready in case of a sudden cardiac arrest emergency. Readiness Systems offers everything you need to effectively inspect, track, and manage your entire AED fleet, whether you have a thousand AEDs or just a few.
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The Most Complete Smartphone-Based AED Inspection System Available

Hassle-Free AED Inspections

Field inspectors can perform checks, capture images of status indicators, and record readiness and maintenance information in no time
QR code scanning and AED inspection images create digitally verifiable documentation of your inspection and maintenance activities
Email and text reminders ensure inspections get done

Effortless AED Fleet Management

Manage your entire AED fleet from the secure, user-friendly, online AED Readiness Manager dashboard
Know who inspects your AEDs, how frequently and when
Upgrade your manual processes with smartphone-based inspections for accurate and verifiable compliance — no more paper forms, inspection tags or spreadsheets
Get fully documented inspection reports
Stay up to date with AED inspection reminders, and battery and pad replacement reminders
Ensure AED readiness and manage legal risks like never before
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The Right AED Inspection Technology for your Organization

Complete AED fleet and inspection management from one central dashboard
Unlimited use of online AED Readiness Manager software for any number of users
Unlimited use of ReadiCheck mobile AED inspection app for any number of inspectors
Flexibly assign users and inspectors to any or all locations
Works with all AED makes and models
Works internationally
Battery/pad replacement reminders
AED inspection reminders
Increased reliability and reduced liability risk with digitally verifiable inspections
Comprehensive AED readiness and compliance reporting
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