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Inspections Made Simple
AED readiness is essential, not only to avoid liability in case of a failed AED but also to protect lives in case of an emergency. With the ReadiCheck AED inspection system, you can ensure routine inspections are reliably completed in seconds.
ReadiCheck™ Explained in 3 Minutes

Why are Digital AED Inspections Important?

As an AED owner, you are required by state laws and industry standards to conduct and document routine inspections to ensure your AEDs are always ready to use if sudden cardiac arrest strikes. With the ReadiCheck smartphone-based AED inspection system, your team can inspect AEDs in seconds, and you can effectively track and manage all your AEDs from one central dashboard.

ReadiCheck — The Most Complete Smartphone-Based Inspection System Available

  • Field inspectors can perform AED checks in no time
  • QR code scanning and AED inspection pictures create digitally verifiable inspection and maintenance records
  • Email and text reminders ensure inspections get done
  • Upgrade your processes with technology-based inspections – no more paper forms, inspection tags, or spreadsheets
  • Battery and pad replacement reminders help keep your AEDs up to date
  • Works internationally
  • Works with all AED makes and models

Put Your AED Readiness Management on Easy Mode

  • Complete AED and inspection management from one central dashboard
  • Unlimited use of online AED Readiness Manager software for any number of users
  • Unlimited use of the ReadiCheck mobile AED inspection app for any number of inspectors
  • Flexibly assign users and inspectors to any or all locations
  • Know who inspects your AEDs, how frequently, and when
  • AED inspection reminders
  • Comprehensive AED readiness and compliance reporting

Have a Large Fleet of AEDs?

Readiness Systems offers the industry’s leading remote AED monitoring system for organizations with many AEDs placed across a local area, a state, the U.S., or across the world. 

Click below to learn about AED Sentinel, a remote monitoring system specifically designed for large AED programs.
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