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AED Sentinel®

The Industry’s Most Complete, Reliable and Affordable Remote AED Monitoring System
With AED Sentinel, your AEDs are automatically checked every day. AED Sentinel – with its smart monitoring camera – brings remote AED monitoring and centralized fleet management to every AED program.
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Easy Redefined

AED Sentinel is an uncomplicated 24/7 remote monitoring system that uses internet-connected technology to automatically check your AEDs and notify you when maintenance is required, or an AED cabinet door or custom monitoring case is opened. AED Sentinel’s smart AED monitoring camera is quick and easy to install and set up, and securely communicates the readiness status of all your AEDs to your dashboard.

Why AED Sentinel?

Managing a fleet of AEDs across an organization creates many opportunities for inspection misses. AED checks performed by humans are notoriously unreliable, time-consuming, and prone to errors. AED Sentinel delivers daily AED inspections and automatically notifies the right members of your team if an AED needs attention, or an AED is accessed. Seamlessly, in the background.
AED Cabinet Monitoring
Portable AED Monitoring

Discover the Benefits of AED Sentinel

  • Use easy-to-install smart monitoring cameras instead of people to dependably check your AEDs. 
  • See and monitor all your AEDs from a centralized, easy-to-use software dashboard.
  • Get alerts when an AED failure is detected, a cabinet door or monitoring case is opened, or maintenance is needed.
  • Know the readiness status of all your AEDs – from anywhere, anytime, all the time.
  • Battery and pad expiration reminders keep your AEDs up to date.
  • Secure cellular communications mean no complicated IT or Wi-Fi setup challenges.
  • Stationary AED monitoring in existing cabinets - no new AEDs or cabinets needed.
  • Portable AED monitoring in custom cases.
  • 4-year battery life and 3-year hardware warranty.
  • Comprehensive AED readiness reporting
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How the Simplified AED Sentinel Works


AED Sentinel internet-connected hardware monitors AEDs to capture status information


Email and/or SMS alerts about AED status changes and battery/pad replacements are transmitted to designated users registered in an AED Readiness Manager account.


Data is transmitted from the AED Sentinel hardware via a secure cellular network to AED Readiness Manager for analysis and action.


AED Sentinel users easily manage remote monitoring services with easy-to-use AED Readiness Manager software.
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Easily Monitor your AEDs

AED Sentinal is a patented, easy to use 24/7 remote monitoring system that uses internet-connected technology to automatically monitor your entire fleet of AEDs and notify you whenever they require maintenance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

AED Sentinel is a patented, easy to use 24/7 remote monitoring system that uses internet-connected technology to automatically monitor your entire fleet of AEDs and notify you whenever they require attention.
Is AED Sentinel necessary?
AED owners are responsible for ensuring their life-saving devices are ready to work every time they are needed. AED Sentinel lowers the risk of AED failure, avoidable sudden cardiac death and lawsuits.
Any organization with AEDs can benefit from the ease of ownership AED Sentinel provides.
What makes and models of AEDs does AED Sentinel work with?
AED Sentinel works with all current AED makes and models installed in wall-mounted cabinets.
Do my AEDs need to be in cabinets for AED Sentinel to work?
Yes, AED Sentinel monitoring hardware is installed in AED cabinets where it keeps a watchful eye on your AEDs.
What type of batteries does AED Sentinel use?
AED Sentinel does not require a fixed power source. Rather, AED Sentinel hardware uses lithium-ion batteries that last 4-years. When batteries get low, Readiness Systems will exchange your AED Sentinel monitoring camera with a new, fully powered unit for a nominal fee. 
Do I need to get IT department approval or involvement to use AED Sentinel?
No! Your IT team will love to hear that AED Sentinel securely transmits data via a cellular network, completely independent of your enterprise network. So, there’s no need to bother IT for complicated approvals, Wi-Fi setup or support!
Typically, none. AED Sentinel was designed to magnetically attach to your AED cabinet for easy installation.
AED Sentinel checks your AED once per day.
Yes! AED Sentinel will alert you to batteries and pads being within their useful life or requiring replacement.
No. AED Sentinel eliminates the need for any human inspections. That said, once AED Sentinel alerts you to a required action, AED response and maintenance interventions remain your responsibility.
What if I am already using a third-party AED program management tracking system?
No problem. AED Sentinel can be used in partnership with your existing AED program management tracking system.
AED Sentinel is available from Readiness Systems and through a wide variety of authorized AED Sentinel distributors.
Please contact us with any questions. We’ll keep a watchful eye out for you!

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