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Use smart monitoring cameras instead of people to dependably check your cabinet-based and portable AEDs. Efficiently manage all your AEDs from one central dashboard.

What is AED Sentinel?

AED Sentinel® is an easy-to-use 24/7 remote monitoring system that leverages cellular-connected smart monitoring cameras to automatically inspect your AEDs. AED Sentinel notifies you when maintenance is required, or an AED is accessed. AED Sentinel is simple to install in cabinets and portable monitoring cases.

Stationary AED Monitoring
Portable AED Monitoring

Discover the Benefits of AED Sentinel

24/7 Remote Monitoring

AED status indicator pictures let you see that your AEDs are ready, or maintenance is required.

Secure Cellular Communications

No IT challenges or complicated Wi-Fi setup drama.

Stationary and Portable AED Monitoring

Monitor any AED stored in cabinets or custom portable monitoring cases.

Easy to Install

Single enclosure hardware design easily Velcro-attaches to AED cabinets and monitoring cases.

Easy to Use Online Software

Efficiently manage all your AEDs from anywhere, in one central dashboard.

Alerts Keep You Informed

Battery and pad expiration alerts and cabinet/case opening alerts let you know when action is required.

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How AED Sentinel Works


AED Sentinel cellular-connected smart monitoring cameras capture AED status indicator pictures and “listen” for AED cabinet or monitoring case opening triggers.


Pictures and AED access triggers are transmitted via a secure cellular network to the AED Sentinel management portal for analysis and action.


Email and/or SMS alerts are transmitted to designated subscribers and distribution partners.


AED Sentinel users manage all remote monitoring services from the easy-to-use AED Readiness Manager software.

AED Sentinel is the Best Way to Monitor Portable AEDs

AED Sentinel is the first and only system truly designed to remotely monitor portable AEDs.  Custom portable monitoring cases and weather-resistant monitoring cameras keep mobile AEDs ready and protected, even during rough vehicle operations and outdoor emergencies.

AED Sentinel is Better for Monitoring
Than Wi-Fi Enabled AEDs

Frequently Asked Questions 

AED owners and program managers are responsible for ensuring their life-saving devices are ready to work every time they are needed. AED Sentinel helps ensure AED readiness and lowers the risk of AED failure, avoidable sudden cardiac death and lawsuits.

AED Sentinel works with all current AED makes and models installed in wall-mounted cabinets or custom AED monitoring cases.
AED Sentinel monitoring hardware can be installed in AED cabinets and custom AED monitoring cases where it keeps a watchful eye on your AEDs.

AED Sentinel does not require a fixed power source. Rather, AED Sentinel hardware uses lithium batteries that last about 4-years. When batteries get low, Readiness Systems will exchange your AED Sentinel monitoring camera with a new, fully powered unit for a nominal fee. 

No! Your IT team will love to hear that AED Sentinel securely transmits data via a cellular network, completely independent of your enterprise network. So, there’s no need to bother IT for approvals, complicated Wi-Fi setup, or support!

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