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Keep Your AEDs Ready

With the most complete AED inspection technologies in the industry. Everything you need to effectively and verifiably inspect, track and manage your entire AED fleet.
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AED Inspections Made Easy

When it comes to AED readiness, you cannot afford mistakes. As a responsible AED owner, you are required by industry standards and some state AED laws to conduct routine inspections to ensure your devices are always ready. But, because of human inspection lapses, more than 1 in 5 AEDs may not be ready for use today (nearly 1 million potentially unready AEDs in the U.S.).

Readiness Systems offers everything you need to effectively inspect, track and manage your entire AED fleet. Whether you choose AED Sentinel® for automated remote AED monitoring or the smartphone-based ReadiCheck™ AED inspection system, ensuring and verifiably documenting your AED inspections is now easier than ever.

Inspect Without Delay

AED Sentinel and the ReadiCheck AED inspection system are essential tools for AED programs. Our AED inspection technologies make it quick and easy to complete routine AED inspections. No more paper-based forms or inspection tags to fill out, no spreadsheets to complete. AED checks are easily performed, pictures of AED status indicators are captured, and AED readiness and maintenance information is digitally recorded. And all AED inspection information is always available in the secure, user friendly, online AED Readiness Manager software.

Reduce Your Risk - Stay Compliant

Upgrade your manual, paper-based process with technology-based inspections for quick, accurate and digitally verifiable AED compliance. Get fully documented inspection reports instantly. Stay up to date with AED inspection reminders (ReadiCheck), and maintenance reminders for battery and pad replacements. Ensure AED readiness and manage legal risks like never before.

Get the Full Picture

Whether you have a few, or a few thousand AEDs, Readiness Systems’ AED inspection technologies give you access to your most current AED data on-demand and provide complete visibility into the status of your AED readiness. Manage your entire AED fleet from one central dashboard; view aggregate data or drill down into individual device readiness status; track history; create compliance reports - all from the secure, intuitive AED Readiness Manager online software platform.
Are You Sure Your AEDs are Ready?
Remote AED Monitoring System

AED Sentinel

AED Sentinel is a patented, easy to use 24/7 remote monitoring system that uses internet-connected technology to automatically monitor your entire fleet of AEDs and notify you whenever they require maintenance.
Easy to install and activate AED Sentinel remote monitoring hardware for each monitored AED, hardware support and a three-year hardware warranty.
Daily AED readiness checks and 24/7 AED cabinet door opening detection.
AED readiness and cabinet door opening alerts.
Communication via independent, secure cellular network … no IT permission or involvement required, and no Wi-Fi setup challenges (all cellular data is included).


AED Sentinel internet-connected hardware monitors AEDs to capture status information and "listens" for AED cabinet door opening triggers.


Data is transmitted from the AED Sentinel hardware via secure cellular network to AED Readiness Manager for analysis and action.


Email and/or SMS alerts about AED status changes, AED cabinet door openings, and more, are transmitted to designated users registered in an AED Readiness Manager account.


AED Sentinel users easily manage remote monitoring services with easy-to-use AED Readiness Manager software.
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Smartphone-Based AED Inspection System


ReadiCheck is the industry’s most complete smartphone-based human AED inspection system. The ReadiCheck app makes it quick and easy for field inspectors to reliably complete routine inspections of all your AEDs. Inspectors can perform checks, capture images of AED status indicators, and record AED readiness and maintenance information in no time. And all AED inspection data is uploaded to your secure, user friendly online AED Readiness Manager dashboard in a snap.

ReadiCheck Benefits

Know who inspects your AEDs, how frequently and when.
QR code scanning and AED inspection images create digitally verifiable documentation of your AED inspection and maintenance activities.
AED inspection reminders ensure inspections get done.
Complete AED inspection frequency flexibility.

Choose the Right AED Inspection Technology for Your Organization

AED Sentinel


Complete AED fleet and inspection management from one centralized dashboard
Unlimited use of online AED Readiness Manager software for unlimited managers, users and inspectors
Flexible user and AED inspector management by location
Choice of inspection method(s) that best match your needs
Automated Inspections
Smartphone-Based Inspections
Unlimited use of ReadiCheck AED inspection mobile app for unlimited number of inspectors
Works with all AED makes and models
Works internationally
Battery/pad replacement reminders
AED inspection reminders
Increased reliability and reduced liability risk with digitally verifiable inspections
Documented compliance with AED laws, industry standards and AED program best practices
Comprehensive AED readiness reporting
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