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AED Program Compliance as a Service

AED programs are subject to a complex body of rules that are different in every state. With so many state requirements, determining where your AED program stands can be challenging, time consuming and full of obstacles.
You can rely on Readiness Systems.

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As your partner, we serve as the conduit between you and state regulatory requirements. We help you know and understand the rules and avoid compliance consequences with solutions designed to fit your organization. Self-manage compliance with a subscription to the AED Law Center or outsource compliance planning and fulfillment to Readiness Systems.

AED Program Compliance,
Made Easy.

We’ve spent decades getting to know the AED program rules and navigating state-by-state requirements. With our experience and expertise, we can help your organization develop a state-specific AED program compliance plan. And we can take care of fulfilling compliance requirements on your behalf. When there are changes, we know about them so you will, too. Don’t wrestle with AED program compliance issues on your own. Let Readiness Systems take the guesswork out of knowing and being in compliance.

Rely on Readiness Systems

Readiness Systems’ outsourced compliance services include everything you need to meet and fully document fulfillment of compliance requirements across the United States. And you only pay for services you actually need based on state obligations. Have AEDs in states without some or all requirements? No problem. And no compliance fees. Let us provide a quote based on where you have AEDs.
Requirements Tracking
We monitor, track and analyze AED law requirements for every state.
We provide an FDA compliant and policy-backed AED prescription, valid nationally for every AED.
Compliance Documentation
We prepare and submit required compliance documentation for each state where required.
Medical Direction
We provide physician medical direction services in each state where required.
Compliance Support
We address compliance questions and actions before agencies and courts if needed.
AED Program Policies
We develop custom-crafted AED program policies that follow the AED Program Best Practices Guide.
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Many States Have Unique Requirements

States Require
Equipment Maintenance
States Require
States Require
Medical Direction or Oversight
States Require
AED Program Registration
States Require
AED Placement Reporting
States Require
AED User Emergency Medical Services Activation
States Require
AED Use Reporting
States Require
AED Program Documentation
States with No
AED Program Requirements

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