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Do you have policies and procedures in place that clearly define how to manage your AED program and respond to SCA emergencies?
Accessible, affordable, and comprehensive AED Program Development:
Prepare and perform responsibly in case of an emergency.
Reduce your liability risks and defend against lawsuits.
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As the nation’s leading AED program compliance expert, we offer the only comprehensive AED program creation and policy development service for every kind of organization nationwide. Only AED Program Policies from Readiness Systems comprehensively follow each of the compliance areas found in the AED Program Best Practices Guide.

Enable an Effective AED Program

Your AED program is only as effective as your established policies and procedures permit. Well-written policies and procedures can provide the critical foundation for effective readiness and response. Poorly constructed ones are hard to understand, cause confusion, expose your program to legal risk and even put lives in jeopardy. Having no written policies in place creates even more operational and legal risk. By working with Readiness Systems, your organization will get an optimal set of policies and procedures that are easy to understand and advance your program’s vision, mission and goals.

Already Have an AED Program in Place?

If you have an AED program in place, are you sure it is complete and gap-free? Are you sure it will avoid getting you into trouble? As the nation’s foremost AED program compliance expert, we can help you be sure.

Ready to get your best practices compliant AED Program Policies?

To meet the needs of every AED program, Readiness Systems offers two AED program policy development options: Standard and customized.

Standard AED Program Policies

Our standard AED Program Policies offer general policy guidance on each element of the AED Program Best Practices Guide. They are designed to cost-effectively meet the needs of most smaller AED programs with a few AEDs in one or a small number of locations. They include your organization’s branding and show how your AED program is covering the right bases when it comes to administrative, operational and regulatory compliance.

Order your AED Program Policies today for only $100.

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Customized AED Program Policies

Our customized AED Program Policies are designed to cost-effectively meet the needs of larger AED programs, with many AEDs in numerous locations and multiple states.

With our customized AED Program Policies package, we take the AED program creation process to new heights – from meeting virtually with your team to formulate a plan of action to finalizing the program design and policies – we guide you every step of the way.

  • We take the time to understand your unique needs and goals.
  • We ask the right questions and help you design a plan based on your mission and vision.
  • We know what issues may arise and help you develop the right approaches to address them. Response time? Response team? Phased AED rollout? AED access and use? And more. You’ll get a design and policies right for you.
  • With detailed knowledge of your organization in hand, we will custom-develop AED Program Policies that match your needs.

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Learn About the Benefits of Customized AED Program Policies

Whether Standard or Customized,
your AED program policies will achieve three key goals:


They will show how you are reasonably prepared for SCA emergencies.


They will show how you will perform responsibly when SCA occurs.


They will put policies and practices in place that lower your liability risks and can help defend lawsuits.

Ready to Get Started?

When it comes to AED programs, one size does not fit all. Readiness Systems creates customized solutions tailored to your needs.
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